Alexis is a character in Craig of the Creek. She is Bernard's girlfriend.

Physical appearance Edit

Alexis is a fair skinned, average-height young woman. In the pilot she wears a coral red blouse with a v-neck, a blue skirt and black slipper shoes. She has light brown hair which she keeps in a long braid hanging over her left shoulder. She also wears a gold necklace.

In the series, her design remains largely the same with minor changes. She keeps the same hairstyle but now wears a coral red dress, yellow slippers and a headband.

Personality Edit

Alexis appears to be a very lovely, sweet, kind, perky, pleasant, self-assured and friendly person.

She appears to be more tolerant of Craig than Bernard and just as dedicated to success in homework and school projects. She also seems to be deeply in love with him as they look lovingly at each other when holding hands.

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