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"Bring Out Your Beast" is the twelfth episode of Craig of the Creek.


Craig wants to play a popular card game, so he decides to borrow Bernard's vintage and valuable cards. A rare card is lost, and Craig has to get it back.







  • While Craig is washing the dishes, he can be heard singing the theme song for Li'l Butler, a sitcom from the Steven Universe episode, "Maximum Capacity".
  • The Bring Out Your Beast card game is likely a reference to Magic the Gathering, a game of which Matt Burnett is a big fan and active player. it also contains references to the Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! card games.
  • The Beast Snare card is an obvious reference to the practice of playing Magic the Gathering for ante, in which you wagered cards from your deck on the result of each game. This rule was removed from the game after only seven sets for being extremely unfun.
  • When Mark says he wont play Turner due to her having old cards this is in reference to the Magic the Gathering format Standard, in which only cards from a few of the most recently printed sets are legal for use.
  • Many of the cards arts are references to actual cards. Examples include: the second card J.P. picks to put in the deck is a visual reference to the Magic card Natural Selection and the snake card Mark plays is a visual reference to the Magic card Psychic Venom.
  • Much like how Bernard says that his cards are old and valuable, most cards from the first few sets of Magic the Gathering sell for thousands of dollars.


Craig of the Creek Craig and Bernard Team Up Cartoon Network-0

Craig of the Creek Craig and Bernard Team Up Cartoon Network-0


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