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"You’re It" is the second episode of Craig of the Creek.


A vicious game of tag wreaks havoc on the Creek and claims Kelsey as the next "it."


The episode begins at Craig's house, while he packs his things to go to the "Creek", but one of his bottles gets out of his bag and hits Bernard, forcing Craig to go to Kelsey's house to go to the "Creek" and meet JP.

In the forest, several children play a boat race in the stream, until a child arrives trying to escape from another girl who plays "Tag" so all the children escape to avoid being touched, but Kelsey tries to pick up her boat and It ends up being touched by a child.

Kelsey does not want to touch her friends so they both go to the exchange tree, where there are many children. Kelsey goes covered with a jacket so that nobody discovers it, but after J.P. accidentally reveals who he is, all children leave.

Kelsey, Craig and J.P. They enter a cave where 3 teenagers meet to ask how to end the game "Tag" but it turns out that the only way to end up is touching another person.

Accidentally, after leaving the cave, Craig embraces Kelsey to comfort her, but ends up being touched, so he tries to isolate himself from everyone.

J.P. takes Bernard to the forest and the children chase him to touch him, Craig finally touches him and the children are happy to know that the game is over forever.





  • This episode was first released online on March 9, 2018.


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